GPTC Through the Years

The Great Plains Theatre Conference was founded in 2006 under the vision and leadership of Dr. Jo Ann C. McDowell, President Emeriti of Metropolitan Community College.  At the time, the concept of a national playwriting conference was uncharted territory for both the College and the community.

Over the years, GPTC has found its roots both locally and nationally, and has helped develop hundreds of new American plays.  The GPTC continues to build and to grow, honoring both the past and future of the American theatre community.

Below are a few of the many theatre artists who have joined us over the years:

Honored Playwrights

Edward Albee (2006-07)
Arthur Kopit (2007)
Doug Wright (2008)
Theresa Rebeck (2009)
David Lindsay-Abaire (2010)
Lee Blessing (2011)
Rebecca Gilman (2012)
Kia Corthron (2013)
Constance Congdon (2014)
Naomi Wallace (2016)
Mac Wellman (2017)


Featured Guests

Kathleen Chalfont
Constance Congdon
Kia Corthron
Will Eno
Lisa D’Amour
Erik Ehn
Tammy Grimes
Mark Lamos
Romulus Linney
Emily Mann
Ruth Margraff
Jody McAuliffe
Patricia Neal
Kira Obolensky
Kate Snodgrass
Caridad Svich
Joel Vig
Mac Wellman


Visiting Guest Artists

Elena Araoz
Darin Anthony
Margaret Baldwin
Eliza Bent
Mark Bruckner
Eugenie Chan
Walter Byongsok Chon
Bostin Christopher
Quinn Metal Corbin
Mary Beth Easley
Liz Engelman
Kim Estes
Kip Fagan
Michael French
Kim Gambino
Michael John Garces
Martine Kei Green – Rogers
D. Scott Glasser

Emma Goldman – Sherman
Matthew Gutschick
Andrea L. Hart
Anne Hamilton
Josh Hecht
Heather Helinsky
Javon Johnson
Sonia Keffer
Sibyl Kempson
Peter Ksander
Colby Kullman
Amy Lane
Drew Lichtenberg
Moira Mangiameli
Megan Monaghan Rivas
Cindy Melby-Phaneuf
Kip Marsh
Lara Marsh

Mia Morris
Kari Mote
David Neumann
Todd Olson
Doug Patterson
M. Michele Phillips
Jeanette Plourde
Gail Renardson
Thomas Riccio
Levy Lee Simon
Max Sparber
Ellen Struve
Justin Townsend
Jane Unger
Josh Wilder
Lee Wochner
Samuel Brett Williams
Ron Zank

GPTC MainStage and PlayLab Playwrights

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