13th Annual GPTC

May 27 – June 2, 2018

Christopher Bryant  Disinhibition
Matthew Capodicasa  All the People You’ve Been
Gino Diiorio  James Hemings
Mathilde Dratwa  Milk and Gall
Christine Farrell  Our Half the Sky
Franky Gonzalez  Even Flowers Burn in Hell, Sometimes
Katherine Gwynn  Big Bad
Jessica Huang  The Paper Dreams of Harry Chin
Julia May Jonas  A Woman Among Women

Back to History

Emily Krause  something for the fish
Christopher Maly  The Blues of Knowing Why
Matt Minnicino  Some Pictures of the Floating World
Massimo Monfiletto  Calypso in Harlem
Kenneth Prestininzi  Mrs. Polska
Kat Ramsburg  Wendy Unwritten
Shanti Reinhardt  Otis
Emma Stanton  June in the Parade
Douglas Williams  Ship
Nick Zadina  Lacey, Jeremy, Bridget (and Dan): A Family