8th Annual GPTC

May 25 – June 1, 2013

Shawn Brentham  Pompeii
Diana Burbano  Silueta
Danny Carroll  Neverland Industries
Eugenie Chan  Madam Ho
Mark Costello  Maya
David Crespy  The Sudden Circle
Cody Daigle  William and Judith
Adam Douglas  Supermen
Kwatiutl Dreher  In a Smoke-Filled Room, Color Matters
Eric Dufault  The Tomb of King Tot
Elena Gartner  Daughter
Lisa Halpern  Flying Through Blue
Cory Hinkle  A Disappearance in Two parts
Joslyn Nicole Housley-McLaughlin  The Silver Thread
Crystal Jackson  The Singularity
David Jacobi  Mai Dang Lao

Back to History

Jack Karp  Irreversible
Mark Kessler  Tribunal
Abe Koogler  Kill Floor
Jim Lucason  The Rapparees
John Meyer  Westhusing in the House of Atreus
Jonathan Payne  The Briar Patch
Dean Poyner  Young Negress Stepping Out of the River at Dawn
Peter Roth  Ganglia: Infrastructure for the Symbiogenesis
Tom Shelton  Silueta
Christopher Shelton  Silueta
Kenley Smith  Empires of Eternal Void
Finnian Sullivan  Peppertree
Timothy Troy  For the Life of Me
Molly Welsh  Penny Gets Bit
Kyle T. Wilson  After School Special