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Congratulations to the 2024 New Play Conference Playwrights!



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Below are some artists and highlights from past GPTC programs.

The Commoners on retreat at the Cather Second Home Guest House in Red Cloud, Nebraska.

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Laura Leininger-Campbell, Marie Amthor-Schuett, Kim Louise and Peggy Jones (missing from the photo is Fly Jamerson).

“Thank you again for nurturing our writing. For allowing us to be free and unencumbered by life. For supporting us with a creative space to both hunker down and let go. To dream new projects. To finish current projects. I’m honored to be part of an organization that sees the value in the development of artists/playwrights. That says, in every way possible, our artistic practice is important–so important that it will support our art in a way that is no-cost and full-investment.” 

Kim Louise – First cohort Commoner


Thank you! To the creative team, all of our partners and everyone who came together for Stories: On the Brink!

Feedback from our audience survey:
“Great cast, great story line, easy to follow. Educational. Empowering. Inspiring. Heartbreaking. Eye-opening. AMAZING.”
*    *    *
“It was such an eye-opening play. I have never seen a play like this before but I’d rather see more educational plays like this. I had a revelation after the play & it makes me want to be a better human. Thank you for such a wonderful play.”
*    *    *
“I was so moved and educated by all that I saw and heard. I hope there might be a way to sponsor a performance on the UNO campus where I teach. I know we have folx in our community who have/are dealing with being unhoused. This would be an EXCELLENT way to educate in an extremely entertaining and emotionally connecting way.”

The Stories: On the Brink cast at the Stephen Center performance.