12th Annual GPTC

May 27 – June 3, 2017

Carrie Barrett  Colonel’s Chicken: A Fairy Tale
Beaufield Berry-Fisher  In the Upper Room
Stacey Isom Campbell  Dough & Cookies
Matthew Capodicasa  The City in the City in the City
Will Coleman  Helvetica
Bernardo Cubria  Neighbors: A Fair Trade Agreement
Lawrence Dial  In the Room
Abbey Fenbert  Intentions
Joel Fishbane  A Place in the Country
Jeremy Gable  Go Ahead
Joanna Garner  Knotted
Dave Harris  White History

Back to History

Jacob Juntunen  Hath Taken Away
Laura Leininger-Campbell  Terminal
Erin Mallon  The Net Will Appear
Leo McGann  The Honey Trap
Jessica Moss  Cam Baby
Ailís Ní Ríain  The Tallest Man in the World
Skye Robinson-Hillis  And Vaster
Tori Sampson  Cadillac Crew
Lesley Scammell  A Perfect Existence
Emma Stanton  No Candy
Jennie Webb  Jilt
Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder  The Bone Orchard
Kyle T. Wilson  Yucca Corridor
Don Zolidis  A Dark Sky Full of Stars