14th Annual GPTC

May 26 – June 1, 2019

Ian August  Brise’
Nancy Bell  The People in the Cabin
Matthew Ivan Bennett  Art & Class
Amy Berryman  Walden
Laura Leininger-Campbell  Worms
EllaRose Chary  The Lake and The Mill
Ian Cohen  Old Wounds
Edward Einhorn  Alma Baya
Alexandra Espinoza  Homeridae
Emily Feldman  The Best We Could (A Family Tragedy)

Back to History

Steven Haworth  Monkey in the Shade
A. Emmanuel Leadon  Cave Canem
John Minigan Queen of Sad Mischance
Matt Minnicino  Wyrd
Andrew Rosendorf  Refuge
Whitney Rowland  Wayfinding
Emma Stanton  When the Tsunami Knows Your Name
Ryan Stevens  The Resurrectionist
Josiah Thomas Turner  Uncle Tom’s Nephew
LaDarrion Williams  Black Creek Risin’