4th Annual GPTC

May 23 – May 30, 2009

Greg Abbott  Snapped Shot
Jake Arky  My Friend  Dahmer
Linda Bannister  Turpentine Jake
Benjamin Beck  Crash! Boom! Pow!
Beaufield Berry  The Waiting Line
Daniel Born  The H.U.R.T.
Erin Carney  The Rendering of Conor McShea
Daniel Carroll  God Costume
Frank Cossa  The Bishop and the Boys
Joshua Daniel  The Switch!
Sandra de Helen  Blue Roses
Francine Dick  As Large as Alone
Mark Donahue  Say Prix Fixe
William Missouri Downs  The Polish Book of Karma
Kitty Felde  Top of the Hour
Rob Florence  Katrina’s Path
Matt Fotis  Burying Mom
Jennie Franks  Dr. Freeman & Hilda
Ivan Fuller  Eating Into the Fabric
John Gasper  And on the Day We Rested
Benjamin Graber  Warpaint
Kendall Gray  Tenpenny
Halley Wegryn Gross  Inherited
Evan Guilford-Blake  Nighthawks
Laurel Haines  Future Anxiety
Tracie Hodgdon  Sanctuary
James E. Hurd  Turpentine Jake
B.J. Hursh  1689
Lynn-Steven Johanson  Twisted
Leopold Kovar  No Lost Souls

Back to History

Greg LeGault  In the Wake
Ian MacAllister-McDonald  The Chinese Barber and His Wife
Rick Mitchell  Brecht in L.A.
Anson Mount  Atomic City
Mary Kathryn Nagle  To the 7th Degree
Carrie Louise Nutt  When Gods Walked the Earth
Michael Oatman  Warpaint
Laura Pfizenmayer  Livin’ and Comin’ Back
Madeline Radcliff  Mountain Birds
Kathy Rucker  Sultan’s Battery
David Rush  Ten Best-Lvoed Hymns
Gus Saxon  Stand In
Norman Simon  Love Hack
Max Sparber  The Older Gentleman
Michael Speller  In the Wake
Katie Spicka  Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal
Ellen Caroline Struve  Mountain Lion
Jessica Jill Turner  Charlie Moose Makes his Move
J.B. Tyson  Confessions
Brian Varvaro  Malcolm X
Rosalie Vetter (Pen name Garphelia Birks)  7-Up and Soda Crackers
Christopher Villarreal  Forgive me Father, I’ve made you Sin
Brian Walker Purple Cool-Aide Cult from Purple Town
Judith Marie Wallace  Another Kind of Hunger
Molly Welsh  Crash! Boom! Pow!
Catherine Wiley  Under the Feet of Jesus
Carolyn Nur Wistrand  Nine Steps from St. Anne’s Street
Andrew Yolland  Scars