11th Annual GPTC

May 28 – June 4, 2016

Brian Bornstein  Killing Crazy
Matthew Capodicasa  Frelmetsch the Monster
Eugenie Carabatsos  We Will Not Describe the Conversation
Nate Eppler  The Ice Rink
Gina Femia  The Violet Sisters
Bennett Fisher  Don’t Be Evil
Jeremy Gable  D-Pad
Daniel Giles  Breeders
Paul Cameron Hardy  Royal Jelly
Elizabeth Heffron  Portugal
Ben Hoover  Midlife
Paul Hufker  Snowed In: An Imagining
Julia Izumi  Meet Muraski Shikibu Followed by Book-Signing and Other Things

Back to History

Lindsay Joelle  The Least Worst Place
Erin Lane  Upstairs
Christian Levatino  King Dick
Sarah B. Mantell  Tiny
Bonnie Metzgar  5 More
Genne Murphy  Giantess
Caroline Prugh  Night at the Big Chief Motel
Gabrielle Reisman  Catch the Wall
Emilio Rodriguez  Mamacita and the Negrito
Tori Sampson  If Pretty Hurts Ugly Must be a Muhfucka
Celine Song  Tom & Eliza
Thomas Stephens  Countdown to the Happy Day
Deborah Yarchun  Great White