3rd Annual GPTC

May 24 – May 31, 2008

Margaret Bail  Place Settings
Joseph Basque  Defending Marriage
Daniel Born  Dark Secret Love
Robin Byrd  Tennessee Songbird
Erin Carney  Underlings
Daniel Welser Carroll  The Weather Plays
Lance De Roos  Paramythe
Kimberly Del Busto  Hurricane in a Glass
Clinnesha Nicole Dillon  The Day it Hit
Elizabeth Earle  Wonderland V. Hearts
Harley Easton  Harley and the Dana Whitmarsh Fiasco
Mark Farnen  Where the Sky Begins
Kitty Felde  Kigali
Fonzie Geary  The Conquerors
Hortense Gerardo  Weekend in St. Moritz
Steve Ghent  A Campaign of Hate
Ebru Gokdag  White Flag
Benjamin Graber  The Wedding Party
Deborah S. Greenhut  Something Happened in 1973
Joshua Hill  A Truth in Lies
Richard Martin Hirsch  The Rigors of Happenstance
Chuck Holmes  The Tear
Terence Patrick Hughes  Moving Pictures
Peter Jacques  Armageddon
Stacey Jamieson  The Room
Bill Johnson  Wash Me
Al Kammerer  A Bear Shot
Corinne J. Kawecki  The Whole Shebang
James Keim  Dogs Playing Poker
Maxine Kern  Emily
Shayne Kennedy  Plans to Form a Human Chain Faltered
Hannah Koslosky  Table for Three

Back to History

Leopold J. Kovar  Good Mothers
R. Scott Lank  Passing Through
Libby Leonard  Five Second Grace
Barry Levine  Freedom’s Mohawk
Chris Leyva  The Brothers Caramillo: Eulogy for a Piece of Sh*t
Myla Lichtman-Fields  Vs. Rober Schumann
Alex Lubischer  Acts of Contrition
Marilyn MacCrakin  The Family Tree
Chris Maly  Friar Laurence’s Cell
Alexs Merilo  Candyland
Lee Meyer  The Crossing
Sandra Kern Mollman  The Band-Aid
Annette L. Murrell  The Typing Fields
Lee Myers  Cowboys
Mike North  King Chong of the Great Wall
James Ogden  Bunkhouse
David Penhallow  Banzai, Darling
Thomas D. Perrine  Voices
Ron Pullins  Enemies of the State
Madeline Radcliff  All in All
Isaac Rathbone  There’s Always a Band
Thomas Riccio  Inuit
David Robson  After Denmark
Lee Roscoe At the Hollow
David Rush  One Fine Day
Kenley Smith  Devil Sedan
Robert Stewart  The Mutants
Ellen Struve  Mrs. Jennings’ Sitter
Megan Thornton  The Phoenix Lights
Elbert Traylor  A Window to the Heart
Deke Weaver  The Crimes and Confessions of Kip Knutzen: A Hockey Way of Knowledge
Ladd Wendelin  Indiscretion
Lowell Williams  Six Nights in the Black Belt