Great Plains Theatre Conference

Feedback and Testimonials

Thank you for an extraordinary experience.  Such an honor to be in such a beautiful community of artists for the week.   Sending gratitude and respect to each and every one of you.

-Bonnie Metzgar, PlayLab Playwright


A wonderful experience and—now—the fondest of memories. I hadn’t quite known what to expect, but nothing I could have imagined would have exceeded the Conference itself.

-Thomas W. Stephens, PlayLab Playwright


You’ve created a beautiful community of returning artists that immediately makes first-time participants feel valued and at home. I’m grateful for marvelous collaborators, new friends, and great inspiration. There’s something particularly special about the community the week creates…So many people I’ve come to adore and be inspired by all at once.

-Sarah Mantell, PlayLab Playwright


The GPTC was one of the most inspiring theatrical events I have been a part of. Not only did I grow as an artist, but I also found new welcoming communities that I learned so much from–both locally and with the other artists invited there. It was a refreshing and eye-opening experience to understand that theatre-making, especially writing, does not have to be an isolated pressure-cooker and competitive struggle. I have come out of GPTC 2016 as a stronger writer and a better person.

-Julia Izumi, PlayLab Playwright


The dramaturgical care of plays and playwrights at GPTC was extraordinary. The conversation about my play continued far beyond the feedback immediately following the reading. I left feeling confident about the state of my play. The conference allowed me to interact with an audience outside of New York, while meeting fellow playwrights from my hometown and from around the country…I came away with a group of lifelong friends.

I think it’s significant that the conference is hosted by MCC, from my conversations with college representatives their commitment to their students and their future occupations is clear. This sense of practical application is apparent in the conference as well—from the panels and workshops offered, to showcasing full productions and the publication of the Main Stage plays.  I know of no other theater conference with the same intersection of professionalism and generative creativity.

I am very grateful for my time in the beautiful city of Omaha.

-Caroline Prugh, MainStage Playwright


The Great Plains Theatre Conference was a fantastic opportunity to connect with a network of awesome theater makers. During my time, I saw a lot of great plays and had an opportunity to hear my play read with age-appropriate actors for the first time. It’s clear they put a lot of thought into who they select as collaborators for their playwrights. I whole-heartedly recommend the experience.

-Deborah Yarchun, PlayLab Playwright


I found at GPTC a welcoming national theater village.  A communion of amazing people.  And I gained new insight, validation, and energy both for aspects of my play, but also for my own playwright’s trek through this crazy wilderness that is our work.

-Elizabeth Heffron, MainStage Playwright


Omaha should be proud to have this in our community. It is another sterling example of the culture and entertainment that is available in Omaha. It should be talked about in the same sentence as the College World Series and the March Madness Regionals. It can and should be that type of fixture in Omaha.

-Chad Jacobson, Audience member


I wanted to thank you for inviting me this year. I truly feel that this conference already has changed my life for the better and will continue to do so. The environment and opportunity you have cultivated is unparalleled and I was honored to be a part of such a transformative and perfectly executed event.

-Quinn Corbin, Guest Artist – NYC


I thank you for the conference and for my acceptance. What a humbling, exciting week and you all truly do put on the best conference in the country. I’m very glad to hear you liked my play. I can only say I loved your conference.

-Paul Hufker, PlayLab Playwright


I’d like to give my sincerest gratitude for a marvelous time in Omaha. It was the first time I was able to meet playwrights outside of my school environment and I enjoyed them so much. You put together a worthy experience and I’m blessed to have been chosen to be apart of it.

-Tori Sampson, MainStage Playwright


I had a terrific experience at Great Plains. I received some very helpful feedback about my play, saw a lot of incredible work, met a group of wonderful writers, and all while enjoying terrific meals and great accommodations. Already, the seeds planted in the conference are bearing fruit. You’ve made a really beautiful thing in Omaha, and it was a privilege to be a part, truly. I’m still glowing from the experience more than a week on.

-Ben Fisher, PlayLab Playwright