10th Annual GPTC

May 23 – May 30, 2015

Helen Banner  Soldier Love
Barbara Blatner  Years of Sky
James Brown  Close Your Eyes
Darcy Bruce  El Camino del Rey
Brett Busang  Two Lights
J. Joseph Cox  St. Paulie’s Delight
Sarah DeLappe  The Wolves
Howard Emanuel  Sundogs
Lindsey Ferrentino  This Flat Earth
John Greiner-Ferris  Turtles
Ashlin Halfnight  Embalmed, Buried, Gone
David Hilder  The Moment Before It All Went Wrong
David Hopes  Washington Place
Donna Kennedy  Harvested
Erin Lane  Hoist

Back to History

Arika Larson  Birthday Boy
Adara Meyers  Tryouts
Arwen Mitchell  (Style Is) The Answer to Everything — A (Subversive)Women’s Programme (Across the Century)
Bella Poynton  Speed of Light
Kat Ramsburg  Anatomy of a Hug
Gwendolyn Rice  The Griots
Harrison David Rivers  sweet
Patrick Shaw  Karlstad
Diana Small  Good Day
Kenley Smith  Akuma-Shin
Will Snider  Extinction
Matthew Wells  Countrie Matters
Josh Wilder  Gravity
Emily Zemba  I’m Sorry I Brought Up God