6th Annual GPTC

May 28 – June 4, 2011

William Akers  Cary’s Chain Store Massacre
Robert Barr  Inconstancy
Sherry Bokser  Marvelous Country
Murphi Cook  Hole in the Head
Francine Dick  Preparing for Passover
Linda Evans  Embrace Arms
Sara Farrington  That Stays There
Sarah Gancher  Seder
Ken Greller  Ta-Da!
Reina Hardy  Glassheart
Suzanne Heathcote  Starved
Steven Holiday  Children of Jupiter: Savage Bond
Stacey Luftig  Jinxed
Ronald McCants  Oyster
Jayme McGhan  The Fisherman
Michael Merino  Artist and Protector of Children: The Life of Henry Darger
Michael Moon  Shadow of Your Smile
Dan O’Neil  The Wind Farmer

Back to History

Beth Parriott  a-sy-lum
Madeline Radcliff  The Cell
Monica Raymond  A to Z
Kara Revel  Marvelous Country
Peter Roth  The Copper Anniversary
Kirt Shineman  The Pornographer
Clinnesha Sibley  Tell Martha Not to Moan
Brian Silberman  The Romeo and Juliet of Sarajevo
Kristen D. Simpson  Traitors
Ellen Struve  Recommended Reading for Girls
Steven Totland  You Are Here
Ralph Tropf  Falling Headlong
Daniel Weber  Provenance
William Whelan  The Curmudgeon of Crossmaglen
Carolyn Nur Wistrand  Rising
Mark Witteveen  Pigeon Hill
Deborah Yarchun  Portmanteaux