The nationally recognized Great Plains Theatre Conference produced by Metropolitan Community College offers extensive opportunities for top emerging playwrights to learn and grow. Through the Conference, playwrights connect with one another in a supportive and encouraging environment to critique one another’s work, develop work together, form creative alliances and share vital contacts and resources.

The Great Plains Theatre Conference serves as an avenue to:

  • Introduce new theatrical work into the American theatre scene
  • Premiere the works of new and emerging playwrights
  • Explore and strengthen the connection between the community and the arts
  • Provide avenues for works produced beyond the Conference
  • Connect local and national actors, directors, designers and technical theatre personnel

The mission of the Great Plains Theatre Conference is to enable playwrights and theatre artists to share time, energy and talent in the service of developing craft, creating new work and strengthening community on a local and national scale.

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