Design Wing

The GPTC Design Wing expands the conceptual boundaries and experiential reference for a new generation of designers in the performing arts.  Four emerging designers are chosen to attend the GPTC in an exploration of process involving research, installation, and a deep immersion with the artists and activities of the week.  The designers move between GPTC events, workshops and a design lab, with emphasis on the latest developments in the design process for the performing arts.  Design participants have a chance to expand their purview by interacting with some of the top theatre artists in the country, with the goal of strengthening the cultural fabric of the arts both locally and nationally.

The work of the Design Wing corresponds with a larger collaborative effort by the GPTC to explore new possibilities for how creativity becomes manifest in our communities.

2020 Design Wing Personnel:


Justin Townsend

Design Wing Coordinator

Simon Harding

Design Wing Coordinator


Design Wing Participants to be Announced Soon!

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