Daily PlayLab readings are the foundation of the GPTC.  Twenty-one PlayLabs are held throughout the Conference week with three staged readings running simultaneously. Playwrights receive feedback on their work from a panel of GPTC Guest Artists, as well as other local and national theatre artists and the general public.


PlayLab Selections (2017)

In the Upper Room
by Beaufield Berry-Fisher (Omaha, NE)

The City in the City in the City
by Matthew Capodicasa (Astoria, NY)

by Will Coleman (Chicago, IL)

Neighbors: A Fair Trade Agreement
by Bernardo Cubria (Santa Monica, CA)

In The Room
by Lawrence Dial (Brooklyn, NY)

by Abbey Fenbert (Los Angeles, CA)

A Place in the Country
by Joel Fishbane (Toronto, Canada)

Go Ahead
by Jeremy Gable (Philadelphia, PA)

by Joanna Garner (Austin, TX)

White History
by Dave Harris (Pittsburgh, PA)
Dough & Cookies
by Stacey Isom Campbell (Cleveland, TN)

Hath Taken Away
by Jacob Juntunen (Carbondale, IL)

by Laura Leininger-Campbell (Omaha, NE)

The Net Will Appear
by Erin Mallon (Maplewood, NJ)

The Honey Trap
by Leo McGann (Boston, MA)

Cam Baby
by Jessica Moss (New York, NY)

The Tallest Man in the World
by Ailís Ní Ríain (Todmorden, Lancashire, UK)

A Perfect Existence
by Lesley Scammell (Montclair, NJ)

by Jennie Webb (Los Angeles, CA)

The Bone Orchard
by Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder (Sewanee, TN)

Yucca Corridor
by Kyle T. Wilson (Los Angeles, CA)