Daily PlayLab readings are the foundation of the GPTC.  Twenty PlayLabs are held throughout the Conference week with two staged readings running simultaneously. Playwrights receive feedback on their work from a panel of GPTC Guest Artists, as well as other local and national theatre artists and the general public.


GPTC 2020 PlayLabs (alphabetized by playwright last name):


and the Meek
by Natyna Bean (Brooklyn, NY)

What Happened While Hero Was Dead
by Meghan Brown (Los Angeles, CA)

Practice House
by Rachael Carnes (Eugene, OR)

The Fertile River
by Vincent Terrell Durham (Van Nuys, CA)

Book of Hours
by Jessica Fechtor (San Francisco, CA)

How to Bruise Gracefully
by Brittany Fisher (Richmond, VA)

Happiest Family on the Block
by Edith Freni (Los Angeles, CA)

by Evalena Friedman (Chicago, IL)

A Play for the Living in a Time of Extinction
by Miranda Rose Hall (Brooklyn, NY)

Human Resources
by Daniel Hirsch (Los Angeles, CA)

Soup Chickens
by Jaime Lee Jaget (Brooklyn, NY)

The Hall of Final Ruin
by Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos (Lafayette, IN)

Where the Lovelight Gleams
by Kyle J. McCloskey (Los Angeles, CA)

by Francisco Mendoza (Brooklyn, NY)

Burn Baby Burn: An American Dream
by a.k. payne (New Haven, CT)

The Killing Fields
by Anya Pearson (Portland, OR)

Welcome to the Tree Museum
by Robert Plowman (Kitchener, Ontario Canada)

Austin’s Home
by Jesse Robkin (Chicago, IL)

Enda and Oona
by Sophie Weisskoff (Brooklyn, NY)

by Ashley Rose Wellman (Benicia, CA)

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