By Francisco Mendoza

It’s 1962, and Pope John XXIII has convened the Second Vatican Council, calling bishops from all around the globe to try and build a bridge between the Church and the modern world. Thousands of miles away, in Brooklyn, a father is also summoning his children back home, to deliver grave news. Before he can do it, a fight erupts between him and his daughter, who calls out his misogyny and unfaithfulness, and everyone goes to bed angry. During the night, the father has an “episode,” either the result of his cancer or, according to his distraught wife, demonic possession. The next day, everything seems normal, but his daughter fears his new appeasing demeanor is unnatural and indicative of a demon hold, and her suspicion spirals into a final physical confrontation in which they try to kill each other, and evil finally takes over the house.


Matt Gutschick


Cast of Characters

The Abbate family
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