Greater Illinois

By Stephen Stafford

Synopsis: Greater Illinois is the story of Donielle, a Black woman who lives with her husband. She and her husband keep being offered more and more money (and ultimately threats) to move from their apartment in the South Side of Chicago out to a new government sponsored suburban community. When Donielle pushes back against what feels like a sinister government agency, a tragedy is inflicted on her. Donielle seeks to make right what has been wronged. Greater Illinois is also the story of Patrick, a White Gay man who is being moved into the same South Side apartment a year later. The move into this new space is contingent on him signing papers that dissolve his marriage and agreeing to never marry someone of the same sex again. Haunted by memories of his possibly dead husband and caught in a bit of romantic intrigue, Patrick’s world is turned even more upside down when a mysterious person arrives at his door. Greater Illinois is the story of the decisions we make to fight, flee, or freeze. It is the story of the ramifications of those decisions.

Director: Matt Gutschick

Dramaturg: Alex Vermillion

Respondents: Hansol Jung, Josh Wilder


Donielle – Dani Cleveland
Evans – Corbin Griffin
Wanda – Tonya Ward
Patrick – Fran Sillau
Mac – Prentiss Matthews III
The Attendant – Mary Carrick
Ben – Isaiah Ruiz
Stage Directions – Doriette Jordan