GPTC Guest Artists

GPTC Guest Artists join us in Omaha from around the country and are involved in a number of activities throughout the week.  Guest Artists serve as WorkShop instructors, Responders, Lunch Panelists, Dramaturgs and are a vital part of the collaboration that takes place at GPTC.

We are excited to welcome our 2021 GPTC GUEST ARTISTS (alphabetized by last name):

David Adjmi

Lisa D’Amour

Jaclyn Backhaus

Eliza Bent

Dr. Kate Busselle

John J. Caswell, Jr.

Eugenie Chan

Kia Corthron

Mashuq Mushtaq Deen

Michael John Garcés

Christina Ham

Khalid Long

Tony Meneses

Anne  Morgan

Jiehae Park

Martine Kei Green-Rogers

Alex Vermillion

Anne Washburn

Great Plains Theatre Commons