Jihye Kim

Jihye Kim is a freelance dramaturg and a deviser based in L.A and Seoul. Her interest and specialty lie in new play development, ensemble-devising, site-specific immersive works and literary translation (Korean to English). Some of her collaborators include Haejung Hwang (Chinese Cabinet), Jaerin Son (This is NOT Shakespeare, The Waves: Blue Night Shattering, Butcher Hands Up!, Dogs or Cats; Augmented Body) Hoongu Kang (Motherfucker Oedipus), Lyra Yang (The Opticians, Paper Dream, The Peachlanders, Blue Moon), Chil Kong (Finding Christmas). Jihye was a research dramaturg for Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig’s Snow In Midsummer. In addition to her dramaturgy work, she enjoys teaching devising and solo performance workshops for non-professional performers.

Role with GPTC: Guest Artist