Body + Blood

By Shannon TL Kearns

Synopsis: As whispers become a roar and threats mount, Joshua stands in front of his congregation plagued by doubts. He knows he is called and yet he can’t help but wonder if it makes a difference. If he can make a difference. If he’s enough. Or if maybe he’s too much of too many things– transgender man, bartender, priest—too fractured to heal the suffering souls of others. But when, in a moment of chaos, he calls out in despair the answer is clear: there is more to this story.

Director: Barry Carman

Dramaturg: Alex Vermillion

Respondents: Virginia Grise, Hansol Jung


Joshua – Alexander Biel
Jude – Brent Spencer
Peter – Ang Bennett
Nate – Tyler Swain
Andrew – Kabin Thomas
James – Mike Leaman
Mary M – Connie Lee