Acetone Wishes and Plexiglass Dreams

By Stephanie Kyung Sun Walters

Celina has moved home to Philly’s Koreatown to take over the neighborhood beauty salon. DIY reno keeps her busy, but discovering a secret about her high school buddy, Inky, and gossiping chorus of aunties and uncles keeps her busier. However, Celina has a secret of her own; a secret that dragged her across the country, only to return home empty handed. Will Celina prevent the rumors, ghosts, and aunties from chaining her down or will she drag Inky into the dark web she’s brought home?

Respondents: Don Nguyen, Hansol Jung

Dramaturg: Jihye Kim

Director: Wai Yim


Celina – Roni Shelley Perez
Inky – Adam Bassing
Ajumma – Yoon Cho
Ajusshi and the Koreatown men – David Rhee
Stage Directions – Cecilia Poon