A Woman Among Women
By Julia May Jonas

It’s been three years since Cleo’s daughter Jo has gone to jail for a violent felony, and now Jo’s husband Roy has returned to the neighborhood to clear a storage space in their hometown. Meanwhile, Tina, Cleo’s childhood friend and second mother to Cleo’s daughters is intent on exonerating Jo with the help of her next-door neighbor, Christine, in this play inspired by Arthur Miller’s All My Sons.

Saturday, June 2nd
10:00 a.m.
SCC 201 D

Director: Roxanne Wach

Cleo- Camille Metoyer Moten
Sara- Jennifer Gilg
Christine- Pamela Chase
Tammy/Rita- Meganne Horrocks Storm
Grace- Marie Schuett
Roy- Timothy Vallier
Tina- Lori Obradovich
Lane- Kevin Goshorn
Trisha- Lanette Metoyer Moore
Stage Directions: Dan Wach

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