Milk and Gall
By Mathilde Dratwa

Holding up a microscope to the experience of being a new mother under Trump, Milk and Gall opens as Vera gives birth to a shape-shifting baby on election night. The personal and the political spheres collide; tensions mount between Vera and her mother, a second-wave feminist whose worldview conflicts with her daughter’s; Vera falls out of friendship with her Syrian-American best friend Amira; and she struggles to physically connect with her husband.

Thursday, May 31st
1:30 p.m.
SCC 201 D

Director: Sonia Keffer

Vera- Alissa Hanish
Michael- Thomas Gjere
Barbara- Laura Leininger-Campbell
Amira- Huma Haq
Nurse- Noah Diaz
Alexa- Shannon Jackson
Stage Directions: