Black Creek Risin’
By LaDarrion Williams

In the sweltering and ripe bayou summer of 1920, Mama Jakes, a majestic black woman decides to start bootlegging whiskey with her young partner/ musician Willie Earl when the law of prohibition rains down, resulting in the closing of her prominent juke joint, Black Creek. This sets in motion a chain of life-changing events that greatly impact Mama Jakes and her entire family. Black Creek Risin’ is a play about love… bootlegging… and the dark secrets hidden in the backwoods of Louisiana. A first of LaDarrion Williams’ Black Creek Trilogy.

Mama Jakes: TammyRa Jackson
Hoochie: Xena Broaden
Willie Earl: Jayson Freeman
Jakes T. Talley “JT”: James A. Magett
Cat Jones: Brandi Smith
Stage Directions: Felicia Webster

Director: Devel Crisp
Dramaturg: Bryan Moore
Designer: Matthew Deinhart
Responders: Levy Lee Simon, Jiehae Park