Alma Baya
By Edward Einhorn

Alma and Baya are living on a hostile planet, in a living pod designed for two. A stranger from a destroyed pod, much like theirs, arrives and seeks refuge. Baya lets her in, but Alma is convinced that there are not enough resources for three, and that at least one of them will die. Slowly, they unpack the mystery of who the stranger is, at the same time as they unpack the history of how they all got there.

Alma: Megyn O’Doherty
Baya: Katie Otten
Stranger: Madelyn Hubbard
Stage Directions: Stephanie Kidd
Stage Manager and Assistant: Timothy Mantil

Director: Lara Marsh
Dramaturg: Anne Morgan
Designer: Heather Konish
Responders: Katie Pearl, Michael John Garc├ęs