The Lake and the Mill
By EllaRose Chary

Once upon a time there was a Lake (Michigan) and a Mill (U.S. Steel) and they had a beautiful City (Gary, Indiana) and everything was wonderful – until it wasn’t. The Lake and the Mill weaves three narrative forms (folktale, investigation, and heightened naturalism) to explore the fate of the American rust belt through the lens of a divorce that splinters a family. But when The City realizes that this might not be her story, it becomes clear that her former babysitter Allie, who came North during the Great Migration, is the one who is truly left to pick up the pieces.

The City of the Century: Jessica Johnson
The Lake: Be Louis
The Mill: Beau Fisher
The Second City:  Raydell Cordell
The Street Car:  Catie Zaleski
Allie: Francesca Hogan
Stage Directions: Isaac Glover

Director: Colleen O’Doherty
Dramaturg: Maura Krause
Designer: Trevor Cushman
Responders: Mary Beth Easley, Matt Gutschick

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