Submitting your Play to GPTC

Please fill out all appropriate fields. Do not leave this page until you receive confirmation telling you the form was submitted successfully. It could take some time uploading large files.

We cannot process your submission until your $10 payment has been received. Payment will be processed through Metropolitan Community College’s Paypal account.

Your Information

In order to gauge an accurate run-time, the standard font size of 12 points is suggested; the left margin width should be 1.5 inches and top / bottom margins should be 1 inch.

Method of Payment

If you are paying with a credit card, what name is on the credit card being used?

Upload Files

Upload your PLAY, SYNOPSIS, and CAST LIST without personal identifying information
(.pdf / .doc / .docx)

Upload your TITLE PAGE with contact information (name/address/phone/email)
(.pdf / .doc / .docx)


All selections will be finalized by March 15.

If you have questions about your submission please call 917-570-2624 or email


Your play might take some time to upload. Please do not close this window until you see a popup confirming your play has been sent. The popup contains instructions to finalize your submission by paying a $10 fee. Your payment options will be displayed in the popup. Thank you very much for your interest in the Great Plains Theatre Commons Conference.

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