Rx Machina

By Caity-Shea Violette

Synopsis: An ambitious pharmaceutical sales representative’s relentless pursuit of a rigidly principled pain management doctor leads to an intoxicating, forbidden connection that comes with a cost. Ethical boundaries are blurred in a literal manifestation of doctors being in bed with drug reps, forming a love triangle fueled by money, sex, and power. Illuminating the everyday impact of pharmaceutical marketing in the opioid epidemic, Rx Machina searches for humanity in a healthcare system that profits from pain and asks who gets to get better and who gets left behind.

Director: Beth Thompson

Dramaturg: Miriam Weiner

Respondents: Kate Busselle, Anne Washburn

Maren Deller – Roni Shelley Perez
Dr. Nina Robinson – Kate Myers Madsen
Stevie Larson – Carrie Beth Stickrod
Hannah Johnston – Abz Cameron
Deb Glasner – Daena Schweiger
Stage Directions – Katie Cameron