Jihye Kim

Jihye is a freelance dramaturg and a deviser based in L.A and Seoul. Her interest and specialty lie in new play development, ensemble-devising, site-specific immersive works and literary translation (Korean to English). Some of her collaborators include Jaerin Son (Dogs or Cats; Augmented Body, The Waves: Blue Night Shattering, Butcher Hands Up!, This is NOT Shakespeare), Haejung Hwang (Chinese Cabinet), Hoongu Kang (Rocket Candy, Badasugi, Phonepari, Motherfucker Oedipus), Chankyu Park (The Seoripool Cats, Burgundy Muki Channel Intro), Joo Jin (Ladies’ Room), Lyra Yang (The Opticians, Paper Dream, The Peachlanders, Blue Moon), Chil Kong (Finding Christmas), Hee-won Kim (His Truth is Marching On). Jihye was a research dramaturg for Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig’s Snow In Midsummer and has worked for Great Plains Theatre Common’s New Play Conference and Philadelphia Asian Performing Artists Playwrights Project in 2022, UCSB’s Launch Pad in 2019, DMV Q Fest 4.0 in 2021, and Clay & Water in 2022. She is a current season researcher at Doosan Art Center in Seoul. In 2021-2022, Dogs or Cats; Augmented Body, the experimental puppet show she co-developed with Jaerin Son has performed in Steppenwolf and Links Hall Chicago. In addition to her dramaturgy work, she enjoys teaching devising and solo performance workshop for non-professional performers.