2021 GPTC PlayLab Directors

The GPTC PlayLab Directors are the heart of the conference. Each year, the directors work hard to gather and guide their casts to breath life into the new plays that make up the PlayLabs. Below are the directors involved with the 2021 conference. They are also listed in the conference program and at the conference platform.

Directors (Listed from left to right)

Susan Baer Collins, Beaufield Berry-Fisher, Barry Carmen, Denise Chapman, Matt Gutschick, TammyRá Jackson, Fly Jamerson , Anna Jordan, Levy Lee Simon, Bryan Moore, Mia Morris, Ablan Roblin, Christina Rohling, Daena Schweiger, Ellen Struve, Kathy Tyree, Roxanne Wach, Suzanne Withem, and Nick Zadina.


Great Plains Theatre Commons