As an incredible blizzard bears down upon the patrons of the Nightcrawler Tavern, one of them bursts into the bar with news of attempted murder, and far worse events to come.  In the smallest town in the very center of a new America, Worms is a tale of reckoning, redemption, and revelation.

Gus Larson: Cork Ramer
Lucy Larson: Beth Thompson
Chuy Rivera: Michael Juarez
Sheila Garrett: Kim Jubenville
Jason Dorn: Brent Spencer
Mason Dorn: Thomas Gjere
Susanna Talbot: Ashley Spessard
Lew Huber: Steve Krambeck
Stage Directions: Angela Jensen Frey

Director: Amy Lane
Dramaturg: Anne Morgan
Designer: Matthew Deinhart
Responders: Mary Beth Easley, Michael John Garcés