Uncle Tom’s Nephews
By Josiah Thomas Turner

This play chronicles fifty years in the life of a black family in small-town Ohio as they cope with the far reaching effects and generational trauma of the civil rights era. Issues of trust and loyalty within the black community are exposed as the family struggles with ghosts and memories long since passed, as well as new issues brought on by gentrification and the ever changing social landscape of America.

Tommy + Bill + Owen: Jeff Costello-Scott
Margaret + Laura + Ellie: Jen Costello-Scott
Lorna + Della + Sharonda: Regina Palmer
Eugene + Charles + Curtis: Brendan Brown
Oliver + Eugene 2 + Cleo 2: D. Kevin Williams
Velma + Lorna 2 + Della 2: Kathy Tyree
Cleo + Charles 2: Earl Spears
Stage Directions: Brandi Smith

Director: Beaufield Berry
Dramaturg: Khalid Yaya Long
Designer: Carlo Maghirang
Responders: Kia Corthron, D. Scott Glasser