Some Pictures of the Floating World
By Matt Minnicino

Shiloh is happy. She and her friends in the Word of Joy do nothing but love each other, tell jubilant truths to one another, and think of the day when they will be called up to the Floating World. But when a stranger turns up on their doorstep, full of words from a world they’ve tried to forget, Shiloh and her friends must consider for the first time if they’re as happy as they seem, and if the truths they tell are really true.

Wednesday, May 30th
1:30 p.m.
SCC 201 D

Director: Barry Carman

Shiloh- Regina Palmer
Tirzah- Echelle Childers
Gath- Joe Mendick
Gilead- Thomas Becker
Jordan- Ashley Spressard
Stage Directions: Jenny Pool