2018 Conference Dates
May 27 – June 2

Daily Schedules

9:30 Conference Orientation

10: 30 Workshops

12:00 Lunch/Responder Meeting

1:30 Workshops

10:30 Workshop

12:00 Lunch

1:30 PlayLabs

Mrs. Polska by Kenneth Prestininzi

Some Pictures of the Floating World by Matt Minnicino

7:30 p.m. PlayFest
The City in the City in the City by Matthew Capodicasa

10:00 PlayLabs

Our Half of the Sky by Christine Farrell

12:00 Lunch/Panel

1:30 PlayLabs

James Hemings by Gino Diiorio

June in the Parade by Emma Stanton

7:30 p.m. PlayFest
You Want to Love Strangers: An Evening in Letters, Lullabies, Essays and Clear Soup
Featuring the work of GPTC Honored Playwright Sarah Ruhl

10:00 PlayLabs

A Woman Among Women by Julia May Jonas

Even Flowers Bloom in Hell, Sometimes by Franky D. Gonzalez

12:30 Lunch/Design Wing Presentation

1:30 GPTC’s Annual Play Slam

6:30 p.m.
Closing Celebration