Queen of Sad Mischance
By John Minigan

Kym thinks she’s lucked into the perfect resume-builder for a biracial college senior determined to find a career in academia: helping renowned feminist scholar Beverly Norden finish her ground-breaking book on Shakespeare’s Queen Margaret before Alzheimer’s makes the task impossible. As the passing months make clear that Beverly’s failing memory is not the greatest obstacle to their work, Kym reassesses her connection with Beverly, Beverly’s son, and academia itself. What can the Margaret story tell her about her own path forward?

Kym: Delaney Jackson
Beverly: Sonia Keffer
Roy: Bill Grennan
Stage Directions: Jarod Cernousek

Director: Ron Zank
Dramaturg: Khalid Yaya Long
Designer: Trevor Cushman
Responders: D. Scott Glasser, Levy Lee Simon