Worlds to Spare
An evening of three short works
Artistic Coordinator, Mary Beth Easley
Musician, Composer and Sound Design, Mark Bruckner 

An evening celebrating the work of GPTC Honored Playwright, Mac Wellman.  The night includes three short pieces of theatre that explore the enigmatic energies, people, transactions and stories that flow deep down inside the currents of everyday.

Friday June 2, 7:30 p.m.
Scottish Rite Masonic Center
202 S. 20th St.

The Invention of Tragedy (a reading)
by Mac Wellman
Directed by Meghan Finn

A chorus of students, all alike and all unalike.  There are 1001 of them and they are trying like the devil to tell a simple story.  Perhaps the story about the tragedy of the SANDWICH MAN with sandwich boards upon which nothing is written and hence with nothing to say.

Eliza Bent
Kristen Kosmas
Kelsi Weston
Christina Rohling

Before and Before That
by Mac Wellman 
Directed by Timothy Siragusa

Giant eggs, shadows, guys and girls, girls and guys, rage and insults, worlds flooded over, green row boats and candles. Just another day like the one that was before the before . .

Terry Brennan
Jenna Briggs
Damien Dizonno
Teri Fender
Caulene Hudson
Michael Juarez
Michael Judah
Aaron Mann


ghosts wonder where they went wrong
by Constance Congdon, Erik Ehn and Sibyl Kempson
Original music by Mark Bruckner
Directed by Mary Beth Easley

Narrator – Timothy Siragusa
Manchild Mac – Eliza Bent
Voles – Kim Gambino, Katie Boon, Jeremy Stoll

Band:  Connie C and the Flatbillies featuring Connie Congdon, Mark Bruckner


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