Our Half of the Sky
By Christine Farrell

An intimate portrait of the fight for women’s suffrage, Our Half of the Sky depicts flesh-and-blood history emerging from kitchens, seances, and convention halls. A reluctant leader at first, Elizabeth Cady Stanton rises to prominence in the late 19th century lecture circuit, but ultimately comes into conflict with former allies when they vote to exclude women’s suffrage from their platform. Through Stanton’s relationships with Frederick Douglas, Susan B. Anthony, and her own abolitionist husband, the play explores a character who finds the roots of her passion, even as she loses the battle for suffrage.

Friday, June 1st
10:00 a.m.
SCC 201 A

Director: Kristin Marting

Elizabeth Cady Stanton- Pamela Scott
Susan B Anthony- Jill Anderson
Frederick Douglas- Andre McGraw
Henry Stanton- Eric Griffith
Victoria Woodwall- Kim Gambino
George Francis Train- Nils Haaland