Mrs. Polska
By Kenneth Prestininzi

Donnie and Jackie, fraternal twins, are taken into a surreal vigil of love and death when an imposing Polish woman comes to sit at their mother’s death bed. Mrs. Polska, a combination of Mary Poppins, the Virgin Mary and Nurse Ratched, is either a con artist or a dark angel and her takeover of the household forces the daughters to reconcile with the true character of their hardhearted and wickedly comic mother that had been kept secret all their lives.

Wednesday, May 30th
1:30 p.m.
SCC 201 A

Director: Christina Rohling

Emileia (Emmi)- Kathy Wheeldon
Jaqueline (Jackie)- Shannon Jackson
Donatella (Donnie)- Karlee Currin
Mrs. Polska- Julie Huff
Jim Ciccheti- Isaac Reilly
Stage Directions: Katie Cameron