Luncheon Panels

GPTC Luncheon Panels are daily, theatre-related discussions featuring our Featured and Guest Artists.  Held during the noon hour throughout the Conference, panels are exploratory, lively, diverse and cover topics of expertise by GPTC’s guests.

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Luncheon Panels are free and open to the public.  Lunch may be purchased at the registration desk.

Sunday, May 28th

Approaching Sensitive Matters – A Dramaturgical Perspective
GPTC Dramaturgs

This panel will wrestle with ideas such as who “owns” stories? Do only specific groups of people have the right to write about extreme or sacred aspects or events of a specific group of people? Are certain types of language and situations no acceptable to be used and if so, by whom? Where do the lines fall in different cases or are they ever-changing? What are the benefits and risks of censoring certain language and situations?

Monday, May 30th

The Sound and Fury 
Nevada Jones and Mark Bruckner 

Composers and musicians Nevada Jones and Mark Bruckner share stories of inspiration and tragedy from their work for the stage, and some reasons why it could be good to use local composers and musicians for your new work.

Tuesday, May 31st

The Phoenix 
Constance Congdon, Kia Corthron, Kate Snodgrass, Mac Wellman 

Stories of hope, direction and energy lost and then rediscovered.  What has changed over the last forty years about moving through that cycle? What has stayed the same?

Wednesday, June 1st

The Crucible 
GPTC Design Wing 

Creating vibrant work in failing capitalist systems and the use of time, space, people and materials as a crucible for design in these challenging environments.

Thursday, June 2nd

Community Based and Made 
Mark Bruckner, Mary Beth Easley, Erik Ehn, Michael John Garcés, Andrea Hart and Scott Working 

The passions, joys and strengths of work with is community based.

Friday, June 3rd

Writing, Teaching, Mystery and Subverision 
Constance Congdon, Kia Corthron, Erik Ehn, Len Jenkin, Mac Wellman