Nevada Jones

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Nevada Jones is a composer, singer and voice teacher.  He passionately  believes that the most effective music emanates from the heart and spirit, rather than from the intellect.  Stranger from Paradise is the latest project in this fruitful creative brotherhood with longtime friend and collaborator, Kevin Lawler.  In 2008, Nevada wrote music for The Tulip, a play written and directed by Mr. Lawler and performed at the Blue Barn Theatre.  They worked together again of Mr. Lawler’s innovative production of Eugene O’Neill’s play, Hughie (2012), which transformed some of Omaha’s less-glamorous industrial locations into experimental theatres.  In 2009, Mr. Jones composed and produced the soundtrack to The Caterer, which premiered in Los Angeles and starred LeVar Burton.  In film, Nevada composed and produced the soundtracks for the shorts, Personal Demons (2007) and Four Minutes (2009) and the series pilot, Secret Bedfellows (2012).

Role with GPTC: PlayFest Composer (Stranger from Paradise)