Lucy’s parents died when she was very young. On the eve of her college graduation, Lucy discovers that both her mother and father were possessed by a strange, centuries-old being in a gold necklace—and now the being wants to reconnect. As the years pass and the being continues to reappear in her life, Lucy must contend with all the people her parents were, are, and will be, and what it means to live a life where the people you love can come and go at a moment’s notice.

Thursday, May 31st
1:30 p.m.
SCC 201 A

Director: Matt Gutschick

Actor 1- Regina Palmer
Actor 2- Echelle Childers
Actor 3- Lanelle Moore
Actor 4- Robby Stone
Actor 5- John (JJ) Davis
Actor 6- Grace Garrigan
Actor 7- Anna Jordan
Stage Directions: Ashley Laverty